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►Go Green! — Every little bit helps

Green tips you can use at home, at work, on vacation, just about everywhere! (13 pages + videos!)

Intro and Water Conservation
Energy Conservation
Air and Allergen Pollution Reduction
Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Odds and Ends and Tidbits and...
  (How-To's, What-To's, and Things You May Not Have Known!)
Go Green How-To videos and more
— New content
Coming soon!!!

Submit your own tips, pics, and videos, and see them published here with "Contributed by" [your name here!] added to the submission!


My Favorite Things — Product reviews

Categories: Clip-on/strip/etc. lights, kitchen appliances/etc., electronics, tools, health and personal care, free software, and more!™Hub reviews — Voicemail Message-Waiting Light review™Hub reviews — Topsy Turvy (PCH) tomato planters review
10 more being transferred from a previous site! Keep coming back!

My Favorite Things — Go-go Gadget Recipes
Recipes from various product reviews and other "gadgets"

Growing Older, but Not Old! — Newest content

AKA: Fighting Aging Chipped Tooth and Broken Nail
Tips for everyday living, Meditation video, Stretching-exercises video, and other articles and videos relevant to celebrating your 28th birthday for the 41st, 42nd, etc., time!

The English Made Easy series (to come)
     Vocabulary Building Made Easy (to come)
     Grammar Made Easy (to come)
     Punctuation Made Easy (to come)

Various games for English and math learning and practice (to come)

Computer Favs & Tips — Fav added

Various computer and web-design favorite software programs plus "how to do this" and "how to do this more easily" articles and videos (to come)

Magic Camera PinP webcam software and so much more!

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